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Friday, August 27, 2004

Media Matters (Literacy and Honesty Don’t)
posted by Tom

Looking for a good laugh? Check out the liberal frat house called Media Matters for America, yet another failed Democrat rebuttal to L. Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, which exposes liberal media bias so successfully a hack like The Nation's Eric Alterman has been reduced to a babbling idiot trying to prove the John Birch Society controls PBS.

Anyway, a recent example of MMFA's media (ahem) analysis is headlined Oliver North denied that atrocities occurred in Vietnam; moments later, anti-Kerry vet said they did occur, and concerns a contradiction that allegedly occurred on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes this past Wednesday evening.

In between sips of beer, MMFA’s editors write:

FOX News Channel host Oliver North [during an exchange with DNC-Clinton-Kerry butt boy Bob Beckel - my note] claimed that atrocities "did not happen" in the Vietnam War. But another anti-Kerry Vietnam veteran, Jere Hill, admitted just moments later that they did occur. Hill turned his back on Senator John Kerry (D-MA) in protest during the senator's August 18 speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) 105th Annual Convention in Cincinnati.

DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST BOB BECKEL: Yes or no, Ollie. You were in Vietnam. Did or did not these atrocities happen in Vietnam? To your knowledge, did they or did they not?

NORTH: They sure -- to my personal knowledge, they sure as hell did not in my rifle company, and I was over there two times.

BECKEL: Wait a minute. Ollie, Ollie --

NORTH: They did not happen.

BECKEL: Ollie, you had never heard nor seen of anything about rape, about murder of villagers? First of all, Lieutenant Calley was convicted of that. You never, ever heard of any of these things? Now I'm asking you yes or no. You never heard of this?
NORTH: Sure, I heard about the Calley case. I went back over there and testified in a court --

COLMES: There was a Tiger Force.

BECKEL: And you never heard about rape or burning villages?

NORTH: No. Look, when I was there as a rifle platoon and company commander in Vietnam, not one single Marine that I led or a single soldier that came and bailed me out of a couple of fire fights participated in those kinds of activities. Not one.

The bold-face is MMFA’s own. This apparently functions as their argument that John Kerry did not lie in his 1971 testimony before Congress when he cited the un-sworn statements of the discredited Winter Soldiers that atrocities were committed (since the editors at MMFA like bold-faced emphasis so much) on a day-to-day basis with the full knowledge of officers at every level of command. Confident they had proven their point, the editors no doubt rewarded themselves by surfing to to check out the images on the latest co-ed toilet cam. [Not a real site guys, so finish reading.]

It's a shame Morons Matter for America can't read, or else they wouldn't have missed North's admission atrocities did happen. The first bolded statement of North’s these idiots intend as support for their assertion - “They did not happen” - is not a claim that there were no atrocities. North is emphasizing that he never witnessed any and none were committed by the companies he commanded in his two tours. In the very next statement he acknowledges what Calley did. The second bolded North statement, “No,” isn’t necessarily a response to Beckel’s question, “And you never heard about rape or burning villages?" Anyone who saw the segment knows that Alan Colmes’s “Tiger Force” reference overlapped Beckel’s question [the transcript punctuation suggests this as well]. North responded to Colmes – he was unaware of any Tiger Force while in Viet Nam - then returned to his point that Kerry’s allegations in 1971 are belied by his own two-year tour of duty and that of the marines and soldiers he interacted with over that period of time. North is clearly telling the ass-wipe Beckel that if atrocities occurred at the level and frequency Kerry alleged, then surely guys like North who had served multiple combat tours in Nam with various units would have witnessed at least one.

The dopes at Media Matters, in order to redeem Kerry's now debunked claims, need to make North look like a liar, so they jump to the heavily edited part of the transcript where an anti-Kerry Viet Nam vet is interviewed about his experiences:

CO-HOST SEAN HANNITY: Did you know anybody in Vietnam -- we were talking about this with Ollie [North] -- that committed any atrocities?

HILL: Well, you put me on the spot with that one.

HANNITY: Does that mean yes?

HILL: Yes.

HANNITY: You do know. Were you a witness to it?

HILL: Not during the performance of it. Afterwards.

HANNITY: You had heard about it?

HILL: Yes.

Again, the issue is not and has never been whether atrocities occurred at all. What these DNC-Kerry propagandists leave out is the beginning of this interview where the vet states his feeling that Kerry smeared him personally as well as other veterans who honorably served in Viet Nam. So, he actually echoes North’s and every other anti-Kerry Nam veteran’s beef with the Conqueror of Southeast Asia: They don’t deny that atrocities occurred in Viet Nam as they do in every war; they deny atrocities in Nam were the rule, not the exception, that they were committed on a day-to-day basis with the full knowledge of officers at every level of command. [You can find the whole transcript at the Hannity & Colmes site.]

The whole point to setting up a straw argument, like the one that has Kerry's opponents claiming atrocities in Viet Nam didn't occur at all, is to win the damn thing. These clowns couldn't even manage that.

posted by Tom | 8/27/2004 06:39:00 AM
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Blogger Doug Halsted said...

Well done!

Iowa Geek

8:16 PM, August 27, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oliver North and others who state that there were no atrocities, etc. in Viet Nam or being disingenious, naive or both. Viet Nam was not just about you and what you saw. I was a platoon leader. The An Lo valley was a "free fire zone". (Remember what Kerry said about "policy".) If in it you get killed. No questions asked. Our forward artillery spotter and I along with the rest of the platoons leaders refused our CO's (a rabid anti-communist) orders to open up on a number of unarmed old men, women and children who returned to their homes. The men, NCO's and PFCs were afraid of being ambushed and were ready to carry out those orders. We instead rounded them up without incident. There was another incident of a Brigade commander giving "unofficial and I will deny instructions". War dehumanizes and ****happens! Abu Ghraib anyone.

1:22 PM, September 03, 2004  

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