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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It depends on what the meaning of "thoroughly discredited" is
posted by Tom

MSNBC/Newsweek dork Jonathan Alter’s fantasies of a job in a Kerry Administration continue unabated. His latest act of sycophancy is a ‘tough love’ letter to the candidate and the DNC, “The Democrats' ‘Toughness Gap'”. And Jon Alter knows ‘tough’. Check out the photo that accompanies his column. Who could mistake that hardbitten, “Yeah, I‘ve drunk my share of appletinis, what of it?” look for anything but toughness? It's Alter's tough thesis that the Kerry Campaign and the Democrats have to get tough with the Bush Administration and not allow its surrogates, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, to get away with impugning the Conqueror of Southeast Asia's heroic war record. One immediately notices the preposterousness of Alter's thesis. He has forgotten: 1) The Democrats and Kerry launched a smear campaign against SBVFT and wasted no time in drawing specious connections between them and the Bush Administration the very day their first anti-Kerry ad aired; and 2) the Democrats and Kerry accomplished 1) with the assistance of liberal media, an assistance Alter continues in this column.

His ‘tough’ premise that the democrats are, as Ah-nold would say, girlie-men when it comes to the battle for the White House is a mere smokescreen for the real purpose of this column, which is to repeat the DNC/Kerry campaign talking points that have thus far been unsuccessful in discrediting the Swifties. He dresses up this piece with nonsense about how relatively few Democrats since Franklin Roosevelt have made it to the White House because they "mostly lack the light touch or the instinct for the jugular.” Unfortunately, Jon, many also lacked family connections to the mob that could steal an election (see, Kennedy, John F.), or the sociopathic tendencies that endeared them to a liberal press (see Clinton, William J.). Alter isn't concerned with corruption, but toughness. Personally, I would posit the theory that the reason why fewer Democrats made it to the White House is because they mostly lacked enough legitimate votes (Kennedy excepted), or the illegitimate votes just couldn’t get them over the top (Kennedy excepted), but then I’m not as deep – or as tough – as Alter.

Alter can’t simply state the current democrat line that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are lying because they received seed money from a Republican who supports George Bush and an attorney advising the Bush campaign advised them. Someone close to Alter evidently loves him enough to point out the total illogic of the Democrat's position in this regard, because rather than make more of a fool out of himself than usual, he abandons this train of non-thought and chooses the line of attack common to most pseudo-intellectual liberals who have managed to land weekly columns and don't have competent editors (see Dowd, Maureen for further proof): It's like something else it isn't really like. In this case, the SBVFT are lying because they are like some other "similar" liar Alter experienced as a tough writer for a glossy entertainment magazine masquerading as a news weekly.

According to Alter, the swift boat veterans are like an anonymous World War II veteran who approached Newsweek in 1992 “with an unsubstantiated story about how he said he saw President George H.W. Bush strafing unarmed Japanese fishermen in the Pacific when both men were young Navy fliers.” Newsweek was above publishing such an “unsubstantiated” rumor. Newsweek, you see, is only interested in substantiated smear jobs like the one against Bill Bennett and his Las Vegas gambling losses, but I digress.

Note the similarity, if you will, between one anonymous WWII veteran floating a rumor and some 250 swift boat veterans, roughly a quarter of whom have sworn out affidavits testifying to John Kerry’s exaggerations about Viet Nam.

If anybody thinks they can explain to Alter how analogies work in a way he will understand, feel free.

Alter says that Newsweek refused to publish the allegations "until after the election, and if we had, Bill Clinton's campaign indicated it would have denounced them.” This is interesting phrasing, isn't it? Forget for the moment that talk is cheap, and focus on the convoluted non-denouncement denouncement. The Clinton campaign "indicated it would have denounced" such stories? Evidently the Clinton campaign didn't state emphatically it denounced such irrelevant stories, but only "indicated" it "would"- presumably under certain conditions. What were those, we have to wonder? If, say, 249 more of Bush, Sr.'s fellow pilots, many of them under oath, came forward with the same or substantially similar accusations? If the poll numbers started to look bad for Clinton? And, why, if Newsweek was so piously opposed to "unsubstantitated rumor" did it even approach the Clinton campaign with it? Methinks Alter is revealing more about the pro-Democrat machinations of Newsweek than he intends.

But of course the reason Newsweek and Alter would not publish a lone unsubstantiated allegation that Bush, Sr. committed “war crimes” is that it would have forced Newsweek and others in liberal media to acknowledge there was no proof of the allegation, which would have blown up in their boy’s face, whether he condemned the story or not. And don’t forget, there was conclusive proof Bill Clinton had dodged the Viet Nam draft, and any examination of GHW Bush’s WWII service would necessarily have reinvigorated an examination of Clinton’s non-Nam service, which Alter and his pals at Newsweek and the other Clinton glossies (and John Kerry, come to think of it) had deemed irrevelvant in 1992. They didn’t want anything to distract from Clinton's and their lies about the economy.

After getting all of this nonsense out of the way, Alter hastens to the real point of the piece, a repeat of the falsehood from the Kerry faxes that the Swift Boat veterans’ allegations that Kerry exaggerated his Nam service have been “thoroughly discredited.” As of the date Alter (who consistently proves the theory that a monkey pounding on the keyboard long enough will come up with a Newsweek column) submitted this, the Swift Boat veterans against Kerry hadn't retracted a single allegation - and still haven't. Kerry on the other hand:

- Has changed the story pertaining to the award of his first Purple Heart for an action that allegedly occurred on Dec. 2, 1968. The Swift Boat veterans said Kerry did not come under enemy fire, that his injury was the result of shrapnel from a grenade he himself fired. Kerry's own diary entry of Dec. 11, nine days after the alleged contact with the enemy and used by his official fibber, Douglas Brinkley, in "Tour of Duty" states: "We hadn't been shot at yet." A Kerry campaign flack, John Hurley, recently told a reporter it's "possible" that Kerry's first Purple Heart came from a self-inflicted wound.

- Admitted he attended a 1971 meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Kansas City, Mo., where the group floated the idea of assassinating U.S. senators. Kerry denied attending the meeting. The Swifties said he was there. FBI files confirmed his attendance.

- Amended the narrative surrounding the pivotal "heroic" moment of his four month tour of duty in Nam, the rescue of Jim Rassman after a mine knocked Rassman off a boat. Kerry's story was that his fellow swifties ran for cover while he bravely faced enemy fire to rescue Rassman. The Kerry campaign and Brinkely have since had to admit that other swifties did not run because all eywitness accounts describe that others in addition to Rassman were pulled from the water by Kerry's colleagues on other boats.

- Backtracked on the fairy tale of Christmas Eve in Cambodia in 1968 under orders from President Nixon, a myth Alter, Newsweek, and the rest of the liberal press have been Lewinskying for nigh these last 25 years and which the Swiftboat veterans have vociferously disputed.

Perhaps Alter hasn’t been keeping score, but so far it's Swift Boat Vets for Truth - 4, Kerry - 0, and so far, the only one thoroughly discredited is Kerry tool Jonathan Alter.

posted by Tom | 9/07/2004 11:57:00 AM
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Blogger Scott Collier said...

Hilarious! Adeimantus, I like your style. It's two months before the election, and Kerry is already a national joke. Most losers don't become a national joke until after they actually lose an election, but this clown looks like he's applying for jokes like they were combat medals so he can bug out early and blame America for it. Try this little tidbit. I live in Hidalgo County, Texas, one of the few remaining Democratic hold-outs in the entire state. Hidalgo County has never voted Republican in its history. The other day a Democrat told me this joke:

It's the first day of elementary school, and all the kids are introducing themselves and bragging about their fathers. "MY Dad's a fireman!" "MY Dad's a policeman!" "MY Dad's a doctor!" "MY dad's a lawyer!" One kid was sitting quietly in his desk, sulking in the back of the room, not saying anything. The teacher asks him, "Johnny, what does your dad do?" "My dad's a dancer at a gay bar. He strips for homosexuals so they'll stick money in his underwear, and when they want to have sex with him, they stick more money in his underwear." Horrified, the teacher changed the subject quickly. Later, she pulled Johnny aside and asked him, "That isn't really what you father does, is it?" "No, ma'am. My dad really works for the Kerry campaign. I was just to embarrassed to admit it."

Ha! All I know is this. When the Democrats in Hidalgo County are telling jokes like this about you two months before the election, you're French Toast. I give the Kerry campaign about two or three weeks before it implodes in the most horribly embarrassing way imaginable, and drags the old liberal media screaming and crying down along with it. Kerry (a lieutenant governor) is going to make Dukakis (a governor) look good.

5:56 PM, September 07, 2004  

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