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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Conciliatory My Aunt Tilly's Posterior
posted by Tom

Sorry, folks, but I'm not one for this forgive and forget, the election's over, let's all exchange phone numbers, meet at some leather bar and swap spouses stuff. My personal feeling is that John Kerry and George Bush are free to kiss and make up and begin the healing of the nation, but conservatives, particularly conservative Republicans, would do well to keep in mind exactly what would have happened today had John Kerry emerged the victor.

Anyone with two synapses firing simultaneously knows that had Kerry won, mainstream liberal media would be reporting on every celebration around the globe - in Paris, Berlin, London, particularly in the Arab "street", with the usual gang of unemployed Moslem morons and thugs firing their AK-47s in the air. Rest assured that a pious New York Times post-election editorial would have announced the repudiation of Bush's "illegitimate" presidency and right wing "extremism". Dan Rather's use of forged documents along with the other sleazy media tactics employed in the service of the Kerry campaign would have been completely vindicated. Within a year, Hollywood would have produced the epic "Swift Boat in Hell", an homage to John Kerry's heroic three and a half months in Viet Nam starring Brad Pitt.

Anyone who doubts the above need only consider the fact these clowns were soiling their panties with glee when the first bogus exit polls were disseminated by partisan AP hacks yesterday afternoon in a last ditch effort to tilt the election in Kerry's favor.

Now, of course, they want to unite.

Unite this.

Conservatives should remember all of this conciliatory bullshit when Michael Moore's next fakeumentary about Bush/Conservatives/Republicans is released and lefty clowns are praising its truth in mainstream liberal media and the blogosphere. Remember it when Dan Rather and his colleagues concoct their next bogus stories. Remember it the next time moveon.dorks morph Bush into Hitler on their web site. Remember it when you listen to dopes like Al Franken and Bill Maher insult the intelligence of Bush and middle America.

I've resisted gloating over Bush's victory, though God knows no one derserves to have their noses rubbed in their own shit more than the hateful liberals who did everything they could to steal this election. Basically, all I'm doing here is pointing out the obvious: The opposite result last night would have found them ecstatic over having been handed the deed to the entire country to turn it into a left wing theme park.

President Bush is the one who should gloat, but he's far too classy for that. No, he will set about "healing the wounds" of this "bitter campaign." And may I suggest the perfect vehicle to kick off that healing process?

I think the very first official state dinner Bush hosts in the White House in 2005 should be in honor of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the POWs who did more than any other independent group to swing the election in favor of the right guy.

And, hell, to prove he is a uniter and not a divider, so as not to alienate "moderates", and to avoid the inevitable chest beating New York Times editorial decrying his "mean spiritedness", he can invite John Kerry and that soulful Republican Senator who is always willing to reach across the aisle to the loyal opposition even when it means selling out his own party and president, John McCain.

After all, Bush needs to make us whole again.

posted by Tom | 11/03/2004 02:02:00 PM
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I agree on principle with graciousness in victory, but the Democrats gleefully allowed the hatemongers of the left to hijack and fund their campaign. And as a former Democrat and veteran, I will never forgive the DNC for nominating Kerry as Commander in Chief. Their choice was a direct insult to veterans and active duty armed forces.


1:21 PM, November 04, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. We chose Bush and the Republicans, lets see what they can do. The "let's talk", "help the nation heal" comments are not to be trusted. The LLL will try to use the normally-good instinct to reach out to the other side against the conservatives. Any reaching out will result in a yank off course. Republicans have become the "big tent" party now anyway, so any extremes within the party will self-correct as conservatives discuss among themselves what the goals are. Letting the Looney Liberal Left in on the discussion will only push the nation off-center.
-Springville, Utah precinct "03"

9:37 PM, November 05, 2004  

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