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Monday, July 19, 2004

Kerry campaign resorts to heterophobic slur
posted by lostingotham

Mirroring the controversial and purportedly homophobic language of California Republican Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger (who called his opponents "girly-men"), Democrat Senator Max Cleland used a heterophobic slur in his criticism of President Bush today.  Speaking in a conference call with reporters, Cleland said Bush had taken the nation to war in Iraq because Bush wanted to “be Mr. Macho Man.” 

"Macho" is an adjective describing one who demonstrates "machismo," or an exaggerated sense of masculinity.  The term "macho man" was coined by the openly homosexual musicians, the Village People, in a song that parodies men who self-consciously adopt heterosexual mannerisms and styles.  "Girly-man," which was coined on the NBC television program Saturday Night Live, refers to men who appear to be homosexual.

Bush is a heterosexual.

We call upon Senator Kerry to denounce Cleland's use of such divisive and hurtful language and issue an immediate and unqualified apology.

posted by lostingotham | 7/19/2004 06:49:00 PM
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